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Our team at Perimeter Solutions Automation are experts in electric gate automation in Surrey. Over the years we have built a team of highly experienced, Gate Safe accredited installers who have worked in properties and sites all over Surrey. We’ll work with you to find a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Your gate automation will be tailored to the specific requirements of your property. We can install and automate a huge range of gates in Surrey including wooden, aluminium, and steel gates. We work in residences, schools, and building sites to provide the security and access control measures you need. Our team have built an incredible reputation for the quality of the work they’ve completed all over Surrey and our customers are consistently impressed by our installations and ongoing support. For your own personal electric gate installation service in Surrey, be sure to get in touch with our team.

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Gate automation in Surrey

We’ve worked all over Surrey completing high-quality gate installations and automation projects for a wide variety of gates. We’re highly sought after for gate automation in Surrey and have developed a reputation for the quality of our work and our customer service. We take care with every job to ensure that it is completed safely, efficiently, and without disruption to you. We offer a range of gate automation services so take a look and see what’s right for you.

Swing gates – arm operators

We can add access controls to your existing gate. By installing above ground motors we can enable gates of up to 7m leaf sizes to open up to 120 degrees. They are an excellent automation solution that quickly adds a versatile and stylish element to your property.

Swing gates – underground operators

If you’re looking for more discreet automation, then our underground operators are a better choice. They open gates of up to 5m leaf size up to 180 degrees. This is a highly versatile option and by storing the motor underground it also maintains the appearance of your property.


Turnstiles are an excellent way to control access for foot traffic. Ideal for stadiums, worksites, and warehouses, our team can install full height turnstiles to ensure only authorised personnel are allowed in. Our turnstiles operate on a fail-safe system, so they are deactivated in event of a power outage to aid with evacuation. They can also be enhanced by pairing them with sophisticated access control features such as key fobs and biometric scanners.

Sliding electric gates in Surrey

You can easily enhance the security at your Surrey residence or commercial premises with the addition of sliding electric gates. They are a great way to control access of people and vehicles onto the site while adding a significant aesthetic quality and increasing the value of the property. At Perimeter Solutions Automation, we offer a range of automated electric gates to suit the needs of a range of sites and premises in Surrey.

Cantilever sliding gates

Sliding gates will dramatically increase the security and access control at your Surrey property. They are more resistant to intrusion than a swing gate system and, as they are suspended above the ground, can be installed on uneven surfaces. Cantilever gates also do not require a steel track to be built in. This keeps installation costs down and reduces the amount of maintenance that will need to be undertaken. Amazingly versatile and strong, these gates can cover 7 metres as a single gate or 14 metres as a set of double gates.

Tracked sliding gates

Tracked sliding gates have a rail installed across the span they cover which ensures smooth operation. Tracked gates weigh more than cantilever gates but take up less space and remain extremely cost-effective. They can be installed anywhere as long as there is a level surface – like your front drive. They are a great way to immediately improve the security of your Surrey property and have become increasingly popular in the area.

Electric gates for driveways in Surrey

At Perimeter Solutions Automation, we provide expert driveway gate automation services in Surrey. You can improve the appearance and security of your property and increase its value. We can provide gates in a range of materials and styles to perfectly suit your security needs and your property’s aesthetic. Our team always work closely with our Surrey customers to find the best solution possible before delivering a professional installation.


Electric gate installations in Surrey

Our team can find the perfect solution for you. We offer a huge range of different gates and can provide numerous methods of automating them to ensure your home, place of business, or worksite receives the enhanced security it needs. Our team are highly qualified and only use the best materials and products in our installations. In addition to their extensive health and safety training we use Gate Safe products to ensure that everything is not only effective, but safe. From cantilever sliding gates to sleek underground operator systems we can provide the electric gate that’s perfect for you. Our team are the specialists for electric gate installation in Surrey; you won’t find anyone better suited to the job.

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